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Yes, that's my pill box

These are just the ones that fit. In addition to the balsalazide in this lovely container, throw in two more suppositories and a medical grade probiotic that needs to be refrigerated. You see, early on in my diagnosis, I had problems staying on top of my pill regimen. I don't know if it was extreme denial, or the fact that I just didn't want to pump my otherwise healthy body full of medicine that I just wasn't convinced was helping. Did I mention I am extremely stubborn too? Then, I noticed a connection between my lapses in missing a dose and experiencing a flare. Enter, one of many of my husband's brilliant ideas. Did you like that Ryan? That was just for you:) At first, I didn't like this technique he wanted to introduce. It felt very geriatric, and was also an immediate reminder of what I was faced with on a daily basis.....but you see, that's what I needed. I couldn't ignore my Crohn's anymore. Take your medicine. Do what works for you. Get a pill box, or set a timer. It may not be glamorous, but suck it up. Your health may depend on it. Some of my worst flares were ones that I could've prevented by simply sticking to my regimen. I believe in the science behind medication, so yes, I am a vaccinator as well. I am also very curious about more holistic and alternative approaches such as the use of essential oils, acupuncture and medicinal marijuana. I've had conversations with fellow crohnies in which all of the above has worked for them. You see, there are a lot of manifestations due to Crohn's (i.e. arthritis, glaucoma, etc.) that cause extreme pain, so trying to ease that pain is often an experimental journey. Plus, just google it. There are several articles on different techniques, so of course the inquisitive mind wonders.

There is no cure for Crohn's disease yet, but I do feel it's possible to manage the symptoms with the right combination of diet, exercise, medications, etc. Do you have a pill box? What methods work for you to stay on top of your meds?

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