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Reaching Remission with Evinature

I had been sick for what seemed to be an eternity. Through diligent practices, our entire family have been able to avoid covid throughout the pandemic, but unfortunately the booster shot proved to be too much for my already compromised immune system. What once was considered mild Crohn's disease progressed to severe in a matter of just a few months. My long time medication, balsalazide, was no longer working and I was switched over to Humira. In addition to starting a biologic, prednisone was coursing through my veins much longer than I anticipated. Although a necessary evil at times, no one wants to take steroids long term. Yes, it squashes inflammation, but it can cause multiple manifestations throughout your entire body. One of those complications included a Glaucoma diagnosis for me. Determined to prevent any further damage, my desire to make a change was growing.

When it comes to treating Crohn's disease, there are different schools of thought. Some rely solely on medication prescribed by their gastroenterologist, some turn to diet and exercise, and others take a more holistic approach. Then, you have those who believe in a multifaceted regime, and that is where my thoughts reside. I am an avid runner, I eat clean, AND I take Humira, yet still had inflammation. I have always approached my disease with an open mind and open heart because there's no cure for Crohn's, and information is always evolving. It's because of the ever changing nature, IBD warriors have to adapt quickly. Recently I've been incredibly curious about adding a more natural component to treating my disease.

Sometimes I reach out to organizations, and other times they find me. This time, the latter happened and I couldn't be more happy about it. When it comes to Crohn's disease, there are several people, businesses, etc. claiming they can "cure" IBD. Unfortunately, in moments of desperation, so many of us turn to people promising to end the pain, stop the inflammation and improve our quality of life. Often times, this leads to false claims, further disease progression and confusion among the IBD community.

I have the privilege to introduce Evinature, an organization dedicated to healing IBD patients. It's fitting that it's World IBD Day, because this is a day where we share our stories, create awareness and connect with others around the world. Evinature is based out of Israel, but their reach extends much further, and is gaining global attention.

At the core of this company, are two masterminds who came together to create natural supplements that are all evidence based and gut specific. I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but I was determined to get off prednisone, so I took the leap, and am ecstatic at my results. The first step is to take their online assessment, so a plan can be tailored to your specific condition. You can take the assessment HERE.

I recently started taking QD1 and Cura after my health history, medicals records and lab results were carefully analyzed. These two supplements are curcumin (turmeric) based to target the gut. While on this treatment, I was able to successfully come off off prednisone completely.

How do I know this plan worked for me?

Before I started the treated my calprotectin (inflammation marker for IBD) levels were at 231. After one month of taking the supplements daily, my CLP came down within normal range to an astonishing 24! Coming from someone whose levels were once upward of 8,000, this is significant. I have never been able to taper off prednisone without my symptoms returning, but with the addition of these supplements, I am steroid free and my inflammation is minimal. I am happy, healthy and my quality of life has improved.

I was so excited about my experience that I wanted to share it with all of you. Evinature is authentic, and I'm proud to stand behind their products because I have tried them first-hand. I am not the only one who has achieved remission with the help from Evinature. They have successfully treated thousands of IBD patients in Israel in the last 12 years and are now using their products in their clinics and at the Sheba Medical Center. You can read more testimonials HERE. The founders created Evinature to spread awareness and make evidence-based natural treatments available for patients around the world. Stay tuned for my next blog post as I will be introducing you to the geniuses behind this science based treatment.

In the meantime, Evinature is offering 15% their products. Please follow the link HERE, and use code, happygut15 (offer is good until May 22nd)

As always, please consult with your physician prior to starting any new medication or treatments. My gastroenterologist is fully aware of the addition of QD1 and Cura to my treatment plan. Please check out Evinature, and enjoy reading about all of the wonderful treatments they have available, as well as testimonials from real IBD patients like myself. To all of you IBD warriors out there, Happy World IBD Day!

Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in.

- Unknown

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Oct 11, 2023

Thank you for sharing your story! I hope that you continue to remain in remission and are enjoying life. I too was skeptical but within several days of taking CurQD-2, my moderate UC symptoms have disappeared completely! I highly recommend using Evinature. As a long-time UC sufferer who has failed 4 biologics, tried alternative medicine, and countless supplements, this product has given me my health back and so much hope for the future!

Carri Lager


Dec 12, 2022

Are you still taking Evinature? Is your chrons in deep remission? Are you having to take any other medications? Thanks for sharing.

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