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Pregnancy, Crohn's and Baby #1

If you’re out there and wanting to be pregnant, and wondering if getting pregnant is even possible, I am here to tell you, it most certainly is. I’ve always wanted kids and it wasn’t until my Crohn’s diagnosis that I thought it would even be a challenge to conceive. I remember family and doctors saying it would be difficult, and to obviously wait until my body was in complete remission. Prior to having kids, I thought how on earth could I support a life inside me when I don't even absorb all the nutrients from food. I remember being shocked when we found out I was pregnant with our first daughter, Lucy. I was also very scared of what challenges might lie ahead. Friends and relatives told me that pregnancy can be difficult even when considered completely healthy. Early on in my pregnancy, I had a flare, but luckily it only lasted about a month. Then, something magical happened. I felt AMAZING! In fact, I would go as far to say that I felt better pregnant, than NOT pregnant. I don't think most pregnant women say they feel incredible while carrying their babe. I am mystified how my body reacted during pregnancy. It was if the Crohn's had left my body temporarily to give me 9 months of pure bliss. This really got me thinking. Is there a hormonal component when factoring in what may cause Crohn's disease? Mmm.....makes one wonder, doesn't it? I tend to think so. Unfortunately, all of the lovely things that are the "C" beast came back after the birth of our first daughter, but I am forever thankful for time I had in a body that seemed disease free. I could fully embrace the new life inside me. Mothering/parenting isn't for everyone, but if you're considering wanting to get pregnant, and happen to have IBD, talk to someone about your options. It's possible, and who knows you might have the cleanest bill of health like I did during pregnancy. My 2nd......and now 3rd pregnancy didn't/aren't going as well, but each and every pregnancy is very different. I want to hear from you. Do you have Crohn's and have either had a baby, or are currently pregnant? What was your experience?

8 months pregnant with Lucille

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