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Evinature: Nature's Prednisone

I wrote a post awhile back titled, "Reaching Remission with Evinature." Since then, I have received several messages with further inquiries, as well as questions regarding its effectiveness. We've all read a catchy headlines promoting products, making some pretty bold claims, but a lot of the time if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Some of us out of desperation will try anything. This anguish comes from experiencing all of the ebs and flows of having a chronic disease. The mental and physical challenges we experience at times, is unbearable. This especially rings true for those of us in the IBD community. We've been poked, prodded, and treated like guinea pigs all to manage our symptoms. Better said, a bandaid is put on until we flare next.

I am here to tell you again that the natural supplements I take from Evinature have been life changing for me. Their products brought me out of the worst flare of my life last year. And, I'm happy to say that Evinature has worked its magic again. I say "magic" because it truly felt as if someone waved their wand, and poof, I was better. That may sound is extreme, but the changes in my health that occurred were paramount.

If it worked once before, I was ready and willing to try it again. I felt a flare coming on, and sure enough my calprotectin had climbed all the way up to 424, after being down to an astounding 6. My gastroenterologist wanted to put me on prednisone, and this time I refused. Because we have the relationship we do, he respected my decision to go the "natural" route. Yes, prednisone works, but often times it wreaks havoc along the way.

In my experience, it has caused damage to my eyes, bones, skin, and hair. That's not to mention all of the emotional, physical and behavioral changes it caused. I was ready for a serious medication shift. I must admit, it's incredibly scary going against the grain with what the majority of doctors think and practice, but I just didn't want to put my body through hell once again. The stakes are high when your body is involved, but my quality of life was worth bargaining for. I started taking the Cura and QD1 supplements, and within two weeks, my calprotectin was cut in half. My stools went from 10-15, down to twice per day. The consistency was no longer loose, and no blood. These are all signs I was absorbing nutrients, so I gradually added more food, as tolerated. My energy levels were improving, as well as many other facets of my life. I will do labs in another two weeks, but even steroids haven't worked that quickly in the past. Evinature makes a promise, and they deliver. I am confident that my results will be well under 50 (<49 is within normal range) the next time labs are collected.

How does it work one might ask? You can read for yourself HERE, but according to the experts themselves, "Curcumin is the beneficial micronutrient found naturally in the turmeric plant. Cura is a specifically designed curcumin formulation that targets the lining of the intestinal tract. Cura soothes digestive symptoms and promotes overall gut health. Your body gets the support it needs, with no interruption to your current form of treatment."

If you're questioning the authenticity of these products, you're not alone. I was hesitant at first, but I had the privilege of speaking to Nir Solomon (Co-founder and Head of R&D at Evinature, Founder & Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology unit at Sheba Medical Center, one of Newsweek’s 10 best hospitals in the world. ), my concerns were addressed, and quickly eased. And, honestly, if I was okay putting prednisone into my body, why wouldn't I be content trying something more natural? Let their accolades speak for themselves. Their supplements were developed by Leading IBD Researchers. "CurQD® was developed in Sheba Medical Center (SMC), one of Newsweek’s best 10 hospitals in the world. The protocol evolved from the clinical experience and placebo-controlled trials led by Nir Salomon, Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology unit at SMC, and Professor Shomron Ben-Horin MD, Chief of the Gastroenterology Department & Director of the Gastro-Immunology Research Laboratory Department of Gastroenterology SMC."

If you're out there and amidst a flare, and have been prescribed prednisone, currently taking it, or contemplating starting it, I implore you to check out Evinature first. Take their online assessment, and get your treatment plan. If you're willing to take prednisone knowing all of the risks and side effects, maybe take a chance on something that won't cause severe temporary, and sometimes permanent damage to your body.

As always, consult your gastroenterologist before trying anything new. These are my own experiences I share with you, but that said, what works for one, doesn't always work for all. Evinature's products are part of my treatment plan. I also take bi-monthly Humira injections, as well as a probiotic/prebiotic, and eat very clean. If you have any questions about my journey, please contact me at

Back to doing what I love, with who I love

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