Cuddle Monster Project

I need your help for my next blog post! I am working on a special assignment for my blog I like to call the Cuddle Monster Project. Cuddle Monster has a special meaning in our house. The above picture is actually my husband, Ryan's, t-shirt. I didn't think too much when I bought it for him awhile back, except for the fact that it made me smile. He wears this often, but it has become more than just a shirt. It has taken on a whole new meaning, and is rather symbolic. What started out as an effort to turn someone's frown upside down, has morphed into a larger than life being, or state of mind. Whenever someone in our house was feeling a little blue, we brought out the cuddle monster. Now, the Cuddle Monster comes out whenever he/she wants. Cuddle Monster is a feeling and an energy meant to make one feel good. It involves chasing, tickling, laughter, and giving hugs. Lots and lots of hugs. Whoever awakens this larger than life animal, emobodies special cuddle energy. The overall goal is to give love, and feel love. Despite the gloomy state of the world these days, I have immensely enjoyed the public display of love, laughter and tears on social media, so much so, that I wanted to create something myself.

The purpose of my venture is to make people smile, laugh out loud and overall feel good. It's really simple guys. There are two parts to this. First, I want you to choose your best hug, mug or kissy face picture or short video clip (under 10 seconds). It can just be a selfie, or one with your family, etc. Second, pick out a super fun snapshot/video of you doing something silly, inspiring, or anything you deem worthy of making someone smile:) Once you have your Cuddle Monster material, please e-mail me at: I will feature the finished product in the following blog post. Depending on how many entries I receive, that will dictate the length of time this takes to put together. The incentive you ask? The gift of LOVE. Why? Because we could all use a little more love these days. My motive here is to spread some cheer, so will you please help me? I implore you to be the Cuddle Monster today.

A smiling face is a beautiful face. A smiling heart is a happy heart

- Dr. T.P. Chia


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